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Thanks for trading traffic with Third World Porn
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  • No Tubes pls
  • No sites that sell traffic from thumb clicks
  • If you have a lot of crap traffic this may not work out for you. My trade script filters traffic based on crap countries and will not return traffic to bad trades.
  • All new trades are checked for cheating at If you are listed then no trade
  • If you trade with cheating sites = deleted
  • Clicksagent sites = deleted. Clicksagent sends traffic to cheating sites
  • Must have a visible toplist!
  • Please leave full contact info.
  • I do NOT trade with Sites using Estdomains, philsdomains, publicdomainregistry and it's resellers!
  • I do NOT trade with Sites hosted at Intercage, Esthost, Inhoster, Averio, pilosoft, cernel etc.
  • More than 25% proxy traffic and your trade will be suspended
  • More than 10% Chinese traffic and your trade will be suspended
  • Send at least 10 productive hits to start the trade or the trade script will drop you.
  • NO exploits, NO trojans, NO viruses, NO Shit generally
  • NO consoles, NO autoinstallers, NO Autobookmarks, NO Auto Resize.
  • NO Video Codec Installs and Galleries like Avicash/Videos Cash
  • NO ActiveX, NO .js Files
    My rules
    To start trading send at least 10 hits

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      Nick shoplifter
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      Site nameThird World Porn
      Site descriptionThird World Porn

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